"Kenny Raskin is my hero! He teaches clowning in such a way as to make the art feel intuitive, accidental, and totally inspiring."
​​Amy Gordon

"As a teacher, Kenny has two things going for him: a love for his craft, and an endless supply of energy and goodwill to give to his students." 

Carol Fox Prescott




This workshop is designed for those who yearn to be clowns, or for those who just want to use these skills to enhance their acting chops.Clowns live in a world of spontaneity, flexibility and distractibility. They follow their noses, and the rest of their senses as well. This workshop is designed to help you find that part of yourself that connects you to your physicality and your spontaneity, which will spark wonderfully creative ideas on stage. In order to create the comedy, one must create surprise.  To do that, one must surprise oneself . My students initially work without thought, without ideas, but rather with their direct contact with the world.  In this way they learn to create accidents, to see them coming -- in a sense, to make them intentional. We also learn to listen to the audience, as they often tell the performer what is happening.  That is why I tell my students to "follow the laugh!"  If they laugh, something is worth exploring...

This workshop take the skills of clown into playing the comic scenes in the folio of William Shakespeare.  By focusing on physical choices, we make greater sense of the language. Face, gesture and movement lead the mind into the language, bringing greater clarity to ourselves and to the audience.
Teaching physical comedy and clown is a passion of Kenny's. He has served as an adjunct faculty member in the theatre departments of Boston University, the University of Nevada Las Vegas, NYU, Emerson and Emory University. He continues to teach clowning and physical comedy workshops as a guest artist at actor training retreats and performance festivals, such as The New York Goofs Clowning Intensives, and both MotionFest East and West. Kenny has also participated with Artistic New Directions in New York City and the Orcas Island Acting Retreat on Orcas Island, WA. He continues to teach private workshops in New York City.