"Kenny Raskin knows funny. He knows where it comes from and how to make it. His approach is simple and honest and most importantly, funny. The first time I talked to him on the phone, 15 years ago, he told me to put something funny in my pocket. I've been walking around with that piece of funny that he put there ever since. And now I'm a totally enormous star, so it just goes to show, you can't judge a clown by his phone repartee. Seriously, Kenny is one of the few in the world I trust with my material and my precious rehearsal time. Plus he's great to hang out with, and he knows and loves music almost as much as comedy. He's your man." Amy Gordon, Comedienne

"Kenny is one of the greats! A perfect coach to work with, if your just starting a new act or looking to polish an old one. He's a rare coach that is able to get you to your next step no matter what stage you are in your career. He is able to look at each artist individually and pull out the best, with no alternative motives to put his own vision on yours. Kenny's a legend, anyone would be lucky to work with him!" Mark Gindick, Clown/Creator of WINGMAN

It's tough to create in a vacuum. Tough to know what is working - if your material is too short -- too long. It's hard to know if what you are intending is being realized. A coach is great tool to use, and Kenny is one of the best, providing expert coaching and directing to solo artists and groups ranging from clown, vaudeville, burlesque, cabaret, and auditions. Kenny has helped them all get the most out of their material. HIs eye is sharp, and he has a gentle but persuasive method of unlocking one's creativity.